Location: 3 sides Nguyen Xien, Phuoc Thien, Vanh Dai 2, Long Thanh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City.

– Saigon – Long Thanh Dau Giay expressway just minutes to the South East.

– Vanh Dai 2 Road connects to Phu My Bridge with Nguyen Van Linh Avenue and HCM – Trung Luong Highway.
– Mai Chi Tho street connects with Thu Thiem tunnel to the East-West Boulevard connecting Vinhomes District 9 and District 2 with the City Center in just 20 minutes and connecting the South West.
– Ha Noi highway axis has been expanded.
– Quick connection to Khoi Xanh Suoi Tien entertainment area – just 10 minutes.
– Connect to high tech zone for 5 minutes.
– The Metro will be put into operation in 2018 from Suoi Tien to the city center in just 20 minutes and is a special highlight to increase the value of the project in the future when there are routes. Metro passing.
– Rach Chiec Golf & Sports Park is only 15 minutes away.


Investor: Vingroup
Project Name: VinCity District 9 (VinCity New Saigon)
Total area up to: 365ha
Park area of ​​the river: the park is a garden of light ~ 2.4 hectares Garden-like the artificial lake – artificial wonders of Singapore
House construction density: 20% – 25%
Highrise: Vincity Grand Park (36 hectares huge park)
Low-rise area (townhouses or villas): Vinhomes River Park (ecology with two rivers and canals system wrapped)
Block number: 72 units (1 block height from 25 to 36 floors)
Contractor: Hoa Binh & Coteccon
Project Development: Apartments, ShopHouse, Townhouses, Villas
♦ Apartment area: 50,000 apartments
♦ Shophouse area: cascade design
♦ House area: 3 floors: 2 floors + 1 ground floor
♦ Villa area: 4 floors: 3 floors + 1 basement


Like a city 

♦ There are 49 sports (football, basketball, badminton, tennis)
♦ Boat landing
♦ Vinmec International General Hospital
♦ Vinschool School (From Grade to Grade 12)
♦ Vincom Shopping Center, entertainment area, swimming pool, golf course, tennis court, basketball court, golf court, gym, BBQ……


All rooms in the Vincity apartment are open to the wind and natural light, overlooking the river, swimming pool, green park.
♦  1 bedroom (1 WC): 29.2 m2 and 45.7 m2.
♦  2 bedrooms (2 bathrooms): 57.4 m2 and 66.56 m2 and 67.99 m2
♦  3 bedrooms (2WC): 80.28 m2 and 92 m2
Handover standard: Blank Drum – Semi Finishing & Finishing Interior.

Townhouse Vincity apartment district 9

Proposed master plan: single and double townhouse.
Area of ​​land: 75 – 180 m2.
Number of floors: 2 floors and 1 ground floor.
Design style: Modern, River direction & frontage.
Handover standard: handover in the face, finishing the surface according to the common standards of the investor.

Shophouse District vincity District 9

Shophouse Apartments and Shophouse Townhouses

– Shophouse is designed with space located on the ground floor of the apartment block. With the design in the form of floor, the first floor is used for business purposes, on the second floor you can choose to stay or business is very appropriate.
– Continuing successfully for the 40 hectare Vinhomes Central Park with 17 blocks of apartments and shophouses sold with a difference of several billion or more, at Vincity District 9 with 365 hectares and more than 71 block apartment buildings. The potential for business investment is enormous.
– Area of ​​land: 67m2 – 200m2.
– Number of floors: 3 floors and 1 basement.
– Design style: Neoclassical.
– Handover standard: handover in the face, finishing the surface according to the common standards of the investor.

Vincity villa district 9

Vincity Villa District 9 is one of the masterpieces of nature by the encirclement between the Dong Nai River and Tac River. The landscape of District 9 is now well suited for the residents of the sanctuary and the development of the human spirit to create a sense of relaxation and enjoyment.
Proposed master plan: Single and double villas.
Area of ​​land: From 223m2 to 500m2.
Number of floors: 3 floors and 1 basement.
Design style: Neoclassical.
Handover standard: handover in the face, finishing the surface according to the common standards of the investor.

Note: With forgeiner can buy apartment, townhouse, villas and no information about can buy Shophouse or not. And if Sign Contract by Company Name can buy Shophouse. 

I make the expected price for you in bellow file but not 

official price and some information for reference.  

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